Vintage China Hire

At Vintage Parlour we pride ourselves in authentic vintage china, some as old as the turn of the last century. We offer a full range of trio’s, sugar bowls, milk jugs, tea and cake stands to make your event a vintage dream.


As delicate pieces of food is the epitome of a High Tea, Vintage Parlour can assist in finding the perfect menu for your event.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a delightful addition to a High Tea. Ask how we can assist.

The Vintage Parlour

A High Tea is a wonderful way to celebrate an engagement, the joy of a baby,
excitement of a wedding or a special birthday.

Hi, My name is Trenna

…and my love affair with High Teas began with my Grandma.

Her special fine china tea cups were so treasured, that we had a family tradition the grand-daughters were given a tea cup when they turned 12 years old.

It was on my 11th birthday, however, that I received mine, much to my confusion. Grandma passed before my next birthday. The memory of that special gesture, of drinking tea with her, spending afternoons talking and eating scones – all of the feelings of those memories with my Grandma are captured in one tiny cup.

That’s where my passion comes from and why I’m driven to create only the most special occasions with the finest quality vintage china, flowers, food and styling.